We can talk about ourselves and our services all we want, but we know that hearing what our customers have to say about us is the best way for you to get a feel for how we operate. These are just a few of our favorites out of 10,000+ testimonials from happy customers.

"My agent was very well versed in the process and explained each document that needed to be signed. He was able to quickly and credibly answer any questions I had. The appointment was a house-call, which could not have been any more convenient. "

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"I have no recommendations, this was my second time using Equity Title service and has been a pleasure both times. Best and smoothest closings I have ever had! Thank you for your great service. "

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"Ana DaSilva was thorough, professional, provided great communication, and made the process enjoyable."

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"A great experience, especially like that the notary came to the house on a Saturday! Only thing that could have improved the experience would be if she had brought dinner and drinks "

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"There is nothing to recommend. The experience I had with Equity exceeded my expectations. I could not believe how fast the process was. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning I thought this is too good to be true and then WOW! before I knew it, it was a done deal! "

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"I have no suggestions, the entire process and every person involved was courteous, followed through when expected and answered all of my questions appropriately. I have been in the real estate business for over 35 years, closing title, etc. as well as several of my own home refinances and this was by far the easiest and fastest. I never had cause for anxiety during the 3 week process. "

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"Nikki went above and beyond in helping this loan to close. She worked late into the night to hammer out numbers. Then she spent hours handling the Sellers' "special situation/circumstances" till everything we needed was obtained. Nikki's patience, guidance and professionalism was certainly one of the reasons this customer gave our company a perfect ten! Equity's entire team deserves a perfect ten for making us look good! "

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"Awesome! Right on time, completely prepared - knew exactly what they were doing with that huge stack of papers - making that look easy is quite an accomplishment. They were also very personable. I liked the agent and enjoyed the closing because of her. I have never had a closing go that smoothly before. Usually it's in an attorneys office that is in a frenzy and they all seem like they need a vacation or anti-anxiety therapy. This was me and her at a Panera, like friends having coffee, except this time I left with a lower mortgage payment! :-) "

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"You have excellent people and everything was as I expected. Everyone we dealt with was professional, caring and very proactive. Great job, Thanks"

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"I was very impressed with the whole process. I have gone through three closing prior and this by far was the easiest process. would highly recommend"

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"They came to my house, which was very helpful. I don't drive so I was thankful that came to me. I think your company is excellent."

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"Wow loved the expereince. Incredibly patient, informed and kind."

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"Jessica Angelone was fantastic. She was the most important person in the deal. Very attentive and very efficient. Thank you Jessica."

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"I appreciate the flexibility of the company to meet with us at our convenience and giving us the option to meet at the office or our home. The ability to meet at home and not miss work to complete the transaction was very helpful. Thank you"

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"You can't get any better then this ! Thank you so much ...... "

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