who we serve


Maybe you heard of us from a friend, got a link from your realtor, or found us while researching buying a home online. Either way, the closing process can be overwhelming.

We get it, so let us explain our part.

As you may have guessed by our name, Equity National Title is a title company. We search the history of your property to determine the chain of ownership and we look for any liens, easements or agreements that may affect your holding or usage of the property. We also make sure that all previous mortgages are discharged or released. This information is all guaranteed by title insurance, which is included in your closing costs.

We also serve as a closing and escrow agent and we make sure all funds go to the right places. Once we receive the loan funds from the bank or lender, we distribute the proceeds to city/county tax offices, homeowner's insurance agents, the seller, real estate agents, previous mortgage holders, etc.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a satisfying and positive experience for you. We believe that getting to closing shouldn't be overwhelming, so we work hard to make sure you get to closing feeling secure and supported. We'll provide you with a single "go-to" person that will educate you and help you navigate through the process all the way to the end. On closing day, your representatives and attorneys are ready to close at a time and place that works for you. In fact, 80% of our closings take place after 5:00 pm.