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At Equity National Title, we help lenders close more loans in less time. We have the tools and the talent to help create a secure and supportive closing table so that all stakeholders enjoy a positive experience. We do this by acting as your "go-to" person. We treat your pipeline of loans with great care while also keeping your borrowers feeling supported throughout the closing process.

Customized Lender Solutions

Everything we do is built around you and customized to your process. Our settlement and title work, our services and interactions are all designed in collaboration with you so that your specific needs are met at all times. We take great pride in being flexible and highly proactive, so once we implement something, we refine it based on experience and the feedback we get. We're also very streamlined and have systems in place that enable us to collect data quickly and early in the process so we are ready to close within 5-7 days of an order.

Inspired by your needs, we've developed a few other unique ways to support you:

Disclosure Dispatch
Disclosure Dispatch is a service we developed in order to provide a single support person who acts on behalf of everyone at the closing table to ensure that the process is smooth, efficient and comfortable for all. Follow this link to learn more.

Comprehensive Settlement Protection
Comprehensive Settlement Protection (CSP) is the first ever insurance policy of its type. It covers gaps in coverage from CPL’s, E&O and Fidelity Bonds, and protects you from post-closing buy-back risks for three years. Click here for more information about Equity CSP.

Master Closing Agent
Master Closing Agent is a service which gives lenders control over the title/settlement processes and borrower experience while respecting the local referral sources loan originators and realtors value.

HARPe is a streamlined process for HARP loans that avoids the costly and time-consuming delays in the subordination process based on proprietary methods we have developed. Lenders can count on us receiving subordinations in days from when we order them, not weeks.

The e stands for ‘powered by equity’.

Fastracke is an accelerated service process designed in collaboration with lenders choosing to guarantee their turn times to specific customer groups. Think about it as an EZ Pass for specific types of customers.

The e stands for ‘powered by equity’.

TRID Ready
Our role is to be as agile and flexible as you need us to be. We're here to help you in any way so that your experience is fast, efficient and as easy as possible. Read more.


Get to know us better...

For more information, please browse the online version of our Customized Lender Solutions brochure. If you'd like to request a printed version, click here to contact us and we'd be happy to drop one in the mail just for you.