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Equity Question of the Day

Equity Question of the Day

A few years ago, our teams assembled Thanksgiving baskets for local families in need. Each team included personalized notes about some of the traditions they observed with their families and a way for the local families to enjoy them. It was a way to more personally connect to the families we were supporting. Some of the traditions were related to meal items, such as special pies or stuffing. And others spoke about games they played while gathered. In all, each basket had several expressions of our people’s favorite traditions, for which we received incredibly touching feedback.

We found there was power in sharing traditions, and as we reflected on that Thanksgiving of years ago we thought we’d ask our ‘Question of the Day’ readers to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

So our Question is this: what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Share it with us, and then we’ll pick a favorite or two from them and share it back. Our hope is it may touch you, and inspire you to start a new tradition!

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Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and anticipating Santa.

Barbara Hahn

What a great idea, we are helping a family in need in our community by providing a Thanksgiving dinner. I never thought about sharing our traditions other than the food we are making. We always have a competitive game of Yahtzee after our dinner! Thanks for sharing!


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